5 Places To Go To For Style Inspiration When You Don’t Know What To Wear

My own personal style is something that has changed over many, many years. As a teenager I didn’t like dresses like I do now. However, I still had my own take on fashion and what I thought looked good on me. Whenever I feel like i’m running out of outfit ideas over the years I have consistently gained fashion inspiration and ideas from a number of sources. I've compiled a list of quick go-to's for fresh fashion inspiration. 

1. Movies


Movies (especially period pieces) are among my favorite places to go for fashion inspiration. Every single outfit you see in any film was deliberately styled to convey a certain era, season, social group, and personality for each character.

2. Fashion Mags


The big fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Elle Collections, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, are often my biggest form of inspo. They always have been, ever since I started to collect Vogue issues and ripped my favourite fashion shoots out of the magazine. It kept me inspired and always searching for new styles and forms of self-expression.

3. On the Streets

If you’re feeling uninspired when you open your wardrobes, then hit the streets. But this time, instead of looking at people and thinking “wow, they’re dressed well,” take a look at what specific aspect of their outfit you like. And then take that idea, and incorporate it into your wardrobe!

4. Instagram


Get out your phone and onto your favourite visual app. Instagram is such a brilliant app for fashion inspiration, instantly. Follow your favourite fashion bloggers, as they will show you their latest styles on Instagram even before they hit their blogs and Youtube channels. Plus, with tools such as Like To Know It, shopping straight from an Instagram image could not be more simple. You can pick up the latest styles just by liking a photo and having the product links sent straight to your phone.

5. Your Personality

Finally, have you ever tried looking within? Some people think that they’re not fashionable, but they’ve never really given it a try! If you think something would look good, then go ahead and wear it. You never know, you might just become the next fashionista because you dared to try your own thing.