20 Signs You Are A Travel Addict


Traveling is awesome, we all agree on that. But there is a difference between a person who enjoys to travel now and then and a fully grown travel addict. Which one are you?

  • You start all your stories with “When I was in…..”

  • You’re always asking friends to go on trips.

  • You like to plan a four or five day trip to a place where others travel for two to three days.

  • You excitedly read about the place you’re visiting next, looking for the not-so-cliche stuff to do there. 

  • You can sleep anywhere and everywhere

    - From hostels and hotels to train stations and airports, there’s no stopping you from getting that much-needed shuteye.

  • Hills, beaches, cities, towns, desert excite you all the same. You may have preferences, but you are ready to travel as soon as an opportunity presents itself

  • Google Translate and XE Currency Converter are two of your most-used apps.

    You have more than one currency in your wallet (just in case).

  • If you haven’t been anywhere in a few months, you get the shakes.

  • You can breeze through airport security with your eyes closed.

  • You spend two hours each day reading travel blogs and travel websites.

  • You subscribe to multiple travel magazines.

  • You’re a packing pro

  • You have friends from every corner of the globe

  • You have a travel savings account

  • You feel at home almost anywhere

  • You have already ticked off most of the usual destinations off your list, and are always looking for newer, unheard places. 

  • You have countless travel stories to share in a gathering. 

  • You get along easily with people who grew up in different parts of the country or the world. 

  • When people ask you about your hobbies, all your answers contain the word “travel.”

  • You're grinning at the accuracy of most of these signs and are almost proud of your addiction!