10 Long-Haul Flight Essential


The first time I took a long haul flight was when I flew to London, it was a 9 hour flight. But it pales in comparison to the other ULTRA long haul flight I took to Dubai, which was 16 hours from Florida. To be honest I HATE them but I love the destinations that I've flown to. Here’s my list of long haul flight essentials that have made my flights a bit more bearable.

Clothing for Long-Haul Flights

You will want comfortable, slip-on shoes. Slip-ons will get you through security faster and are easy to remove on the plane. Your feet will swell during your flight. Shoes with extra space will be the most comfortable.

For your upper body, bring a sweater/jacket which will provide an extra layer for warmth for when your plane feels like an icebox. Also wear comfy pants, sweats or cotton leggings. If you want to bit a bit more dressy wear a cashmere cardigan or a well tailored blazer. 


Documents are important, not only for long-haul flight essentials but also for shorter ones. Always take all your documents with you in carry-on bags. The most obvious things are your passport and, documents needed to cross the border. But also remember to have your confirmation for hotel, car rental bookings etc.

Toiletries for Long-Haul Flights

If you arrive at your destination without dying of starvation or boredom, the next step is to feel good. Even short flights can leave you exhausted and disgusting. Longer flights are worse.

If you’ve packed everything in your carry on as you should you will have your toiletries within reach on your flight. Grab what you need and make a quick visit to the bathroom and freshen up within the last hour before landing.

Brushing your teeth and washing your face are the easiest ways to feel alive again.

Your lips will dry out. So Apply lip balm before and after your flight to keep them hydrated.

moisturizing your skin is really important, especially your face and hands to prevent your skin from drying out.

A Sleep Kit

If you’re on a long haul flight, and you don’t want to set yourself up for jet lag, you’re going to need to get some sleep. Problem is, between children crying and your neighbour’s reading light, it’s hard to get a snooze. Grab your eye mask and ear plugs.


It seems as though you can use credit or debit cards pretty much anywhere these days. And for the most part, this is true. However, there are some places that only accept cash. For example, I was once in a taxi going to the airport, and to my surprise, they only accepted cash.

 Medication (essential and just in case)

Pack your essential medication but it’s wise to take a few just-in-case items on board too. Most airlines prevent their staff from handing out any pills on a flight so it’s best to pack your own. Dehydration can leave you with a headache, cabin pressure can trigger sinus problems, the lack of proper cleaning can set off dust allergies and strange food might give you stomach issues. Work out what you think you’ll need and bring it with you.

Hand Sanitizer

We all can imagine how dirty an airplane actually is – hundreds of people a day, sitting around for hours at a time. We can’t get to go on a plane before everyone else to clean the plane to our satisfaction and to be honest we really wouldn’t want to. The rule is simple – put some on your hands every time you’re about to touch something that will go in your mouth and you should be fine. Also, wear shoes when going to the bathroom.

A small bottle of essential oil

 Airplanes smell – of course they do, all those humans excreting their breath, body odours and worse, all locked in a compressed, confined space for hours. Toilets, despite the best efforts of the cabin crew, quickly become unpleasant to the nose. I travel with a small bottle of essential Oil and whenever there’s an awful odor, I rub a few drops on the back of my hand or my wrist.

Electronics AND Chargers

They are a great source of entertainment during the flight. There are a lot of applications that offer a wide selection of books, movies and music on our gadgets. the chargers are kinda a no brainer because if the electronics are dead so much for them being operational.


Because there is nothing better for tired eyes than hiding after landing behind big sunglasses… and looking like a Hollywood star. lol 

What other long haul flight essentials do you find necessary?