10 Best Nightlife Spots to go in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is the hub for all nightlife activities. Its the major city on the island and there’s always something happening here. Hotspots come and go, Kingston crowds are fickle when it comes to sticking to one place or one event. Over the years “the place to be” changes ever so often but the places listed below have either withstand the test of time or has recently opened and is still buzzing.

  • Ribbiz Ultra Lounge


Ribbiz UltraLounge is a premium hangout spot. Which offers an enchanting atmosphere with a central location. They offer delectable food and drinks in a dynamic setting that sets the tone for night life fun. They have two locations. One of which is located at Victoria Pier , which has two restaurants and a Sky bar that has a great view of the Kingdom harbour and the airport. Also there is a coffee shop and Devon house ice-cream parlor.



Boasting a chic interior design as well as outdoor dining, the Regency Bar & Lounge inspires and relaxes in the very same breath - perfect for catching up with friends or stirring your evening to life.
The Regency at Terra Nova offers a Latin dance class followed by a party with the same theme, while The Jam is a night of musical improvisation with some of the best professional musical talents on the island just hanging out and jamming.

  • Red Bones Cafe


Red Bones Blues Café is the perfect place for a great evening out. The restaurant always serves up delicious food with everything from art exhibitions to Dub Poetry nights and film screenings to draw in a crowd. Red bones is the perfect spot to take in dinner and a musical evening on Thursdays with performers from big reggae acts.


Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records is a casual dining and sports lounge inspired by Jamaican superstar athlete Usain Bolt. Tracks and Records features an athletic stadium design, with a circular bar in the middle of the lounge, 45 flatscreen TVs above the lounge, and a luxurious VIP area. The sports lounge has karaoke nights and is a popular venue for small Dancehall and Reggae shows organized by Usain Bolt’s famous musical friends. Tracks and Records recently opened a second location in Ocho Rios so people on the north coast can share the Tracks and Records experience.

  • Skydweller Ultra Lounge


Excellent view and liming venue. The ambience is good, however I didn’t like the idea of too much lighting. Its a bit pricy compared to other venues. It’s great for parties, liming and other sessions.

  • Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill


Triple Century is a nice spot to visit anytime of the day. Whether it be to enjoy drinks at the bar or to sit down for a meal. The menu includes a mixture of both traditional and non traditional foods which adds to the appeal.

  • TGI Fridays


The one place In Kingston where people can get really noisy without being told to quite down. As for the menu, I have several timeless favorites. Good for business meetings at lunch time and hanging with the family on weekends or dinner time.

  • Mayfair Pub Bar & Grill

The Pub Bar and Grill assumes the atmosphere of the laid back Mayfair Hotel, where it is housed. It's very English, of course, and has become a popular spot with most people.

  • Dub Club


Dub Club up in the hills, the essence, sound, smell of the place completely captivates you. If you are all about “One Love” & respect the Rasta living, then this is the one place you must visit. The views of Kingston by night are incredible, you have Rasta men performing on stage with bongos, chanting and singing, during breaks.

  • CRU Bar and Kitchen


CRU Bar & Kitchen opened in 2013 and quickly became a popular hang-out spot in Kingston. The kitchen and bar are an excellent mixture of elegance and relaxation. Its restaurant offers an impressive menu of international and Jamaican dishes, while the bar boasts premium drinks, wines, and cocktails. CRU also has a rooftop lounge which is is the perfect place to hang out with friends, have a drink, and vibe to the music.