Marianna's Kitchen, Kingston, Jamaica


I’ve been having the desire to eat cleaner and healthier for a few months now. But with my busy schedule I just haven’t mastered the art of creating the time necessary to prepare my healthy meals. With the desire to fuel my body better still lingering inside me, I took to Instagram to ask my followers to suggest some vegan/clean eating on the go restaurant options. To my delight a few people suggested Marianna’s Kitchen! I then went to check out Marianna’s Kitchen Instagram page where I fell in love with their unique restaurant model and ambiance! I HAD to take a visit to Marianna’s Kitchen shortly after discovering it. Marianna’s is located in Market Place on Constant Spring Road beside Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records.


They say pictures are worth a thousand words and believe me its true, because Marianna’s Kitchen is an experience, you need to go to the restaurant to fully understand what i’m talking about. As you enter the space you are warmly created by a member of the Marianna’s team with a pleasant smile and warm welcome. They give a quick run down of the daily changing menu. (super cool right?!) Marianna is clearly sending the message that vegan/cruelty free eating doesn’t have to be boring.

Marianna (The mastermind behind Marianna’s Kitchen)

Marianna (The mastermind behind Marianna’s Kitchen)

Marianna’s kitchen is named after the owner Marianna. She is a global citizen (French/Syrian/Egyptian, born in Greece), However, Jamaica has become her home. Marianna has been on a mission to put out as many fun, flavorful, nutritious, easy-to-make recipes straight outta Jamaica! Marianna’s Kitchen is here to challenge the idea of vegan being “boring” and “expensive”- because in fact, it’s not!


In today’s “Information Age,” where transparency and information sharing inform how we live our lives, it isn’t surprising that restaurants are adopting a new, more visible approach to preparing food. Marianna’s open kitchen concept provides customers direct access to information about the establishment’s hygiene, professionalism and culinary excellence. The “sounds, the smells, and the sights of cooking can really help you work up an appetite.” Marianna is very transparent about her food preparation process. Take a look at her INSTAGRAM, where she posts the natural ingredients that she uses daily. She also sells some of her special ingredients in the store for the public.

On to the food! I had to catch my dining experience on camera because words just wouldn’t be enough! Please watch the video below for an in depth insight into my overall experience at Marianna’s Kitchen! At the end of the video I asked Marianna a few questions about her and the restaurant!