5 Tricks To Get Through Airport Security Faster


When you’re late for a flight⁠, or trying to make a tight connection⁠, getting through airport security as quickly as possible is key. Apart from enrolling in TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry you can get through an airport security line faster by booking your flight at the right time and organizing yourself.

Save yourself and others from unnecessary delays at the airport by learning a few simple strategies for getting through airport security lines faster.

  1. Dress for Travel 

    Wear slip-on shoes if possible, and avoid items with metal buckles and buttons. Don't head to the checkpoint with lots of layers on; remove jackets/bulky sweaters early in the security line. Be sure to empty pockets of keys, mobile phones, and change before you get to the x-ray machine.

  2. Buy a TSA-approved laptop bag

    You can save the extra step of having to remove your laptop from the bag.

    There are all kinds of cool travel accessories that you can buy to make your trip easier, but one of the most practical things you can get is a TSA-approved laptop bag. With these bags, you aren't required to take the extra step of removing your laptop from your carry-on and putting it in a separate bin. You can just place the bag on the conveyor belt to go through the scanner.

  3. Fly at the Right Time

    Every year we hear about horror stories of airport lines around holidays. But with more and more travelers using airports during peak times, you’ll want to pick your flight times wisely. Avoid choosing flights that depart at peak travel times such as Friday afternoons between 4 and 8pm, as business travelers are heading home from their work weeks and leisure travelers are heading out for weekend trips.

  4. Check-in online

    If possible, every traveler should download the app for the airline they're flying with. Most airlines will also allow you to use the app to check in online and even have your boarding pass available on your phone. You can also check in on their website and print out your boarding pass for yourself. This means you can skip the whole check-in process and just drop any luggage you may have to be checked in at the counter. Some airports even have separate lines for bag drop-off so that you can avoid the check-in line completely. 

  5. Pack your liquids last

    That way, you can easily pull the bag out. Current TSA regulations state that any liquids, aerosols, creams, gels, and pastes should be limited to containers that are 3.4 ounces or less. These should fit into a single quart-sized, clear plastic bag that you are required to remove from your carry-on for screening. You should, therefore, pack this bag last so that you can easily pull it out when it's your turn to go through security.