This Is What You Should Do If You Feel Like Your Life Lacks Purpose


The combination of a successful career, a loving family, and a strong social circle may seem like the formula for a perfect life. However, for each of us, there’s something in our life that deeply affects us.

It’s something to which we attach most of our self-worth, the one thing that has enough power to send us to cloud nine or shatter us into millions of pieces.

Once you find your path, you’ll almost certainly find others traveling along with you. 

Here are a few ways to discover your purpose in life.

  1. “Our happiness is massively dependent on how we connect with, and contribute, to others.”

Usually the people who give to others are the happiest. Being of service to others can extend your life expectancy. However, we must find a balance between giving to others and nourishing ourselves. Purpose needs to be grounded in our wellbeing as well as that of others.

2. lose the negative attitude

Just imagine what your life could be if you just stuck to a great routine. Most people struggle with improving themselves because everything requires a high amount of effort. Once you have your personal ideas in mind, why should you procrastinate trying to achieve it? Believing in yourself is what’s going to fuel you and bring you to make the changes you want.

3. Read

Reading connects us to people we’ll never know, across time and space, an experience that research says is linked to a sense of meaning and purpose. Find books that matter to you—and they might help you to see what matters in your own life.

4. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

The feeling of gratitude involves two stages:

  • First comes the acknowledgment of goodness in one’s life. In a state of gratitude, we say yes to life. We affirm that all in all, life is good, and has elements that makes it worth living.

  • Second, gratitude is recognizing that some of the sources of this goodness lie outside the self. A person can be grateful to other people, to animals, and to the world, but not to oneself. At this stage, we recognize not only the goodness in our lives, but who is to thank for it, and who has made sacrifices so that we could be happy.


Sitting down in a messy room is enough to stress anyone out. Make it a point to tidy the space you spend most of your time in.


it's so important to do what you love, it's because work takes up so much of your life. The vast majority of your most productive waking hours will be spent at work, so in order to love your life, you have to love what you do for a living.


Change can be hard. In the beginning, your healthy habits might take two steps forward and one step back.

Anticipating those backwards steps can make all the difference in the world. Develop a plan for getting back on track and recommit to your routine as quickly as possible.


 When your intuition, pay close attention. Somehow it knows better than you do when something is right or wrong.