You’re Not Alone: 5 Ways To Navigate Through Tough Times


Life is a series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. There are times in all of our lives that can just plain suck. When nothing seems to go right, no matter how much energy and effort we put into trying to make things better. But it’s the difficult times where we need a little more support and guidance.

I’m a firm believer that it’s how you respond in your moments of defeat that really defines the type of person you are. When you can improve your ability to navigate the difficult times, you not only live a happier life, but you also grow as person. Here are a few ways how to make that happen in your life.

  1. Focus on What You Can Control, Not What You Can’t

    Some situations are beyond our control and no matter what we do, we can’t change a thing. You’re setting yourself up for frustration when you focus your time and energy on things you can’t control. You’re also making the situation seem even worse because you’re focusing on the negatives. Make a list of everything you can control about the situation and divert all of your focus towards those things. Anything that’s not on the list, shouldn’t get any attention.


    Give yourself permission to feel like you don’t have it all together. Remember all that you have gone through and remind yourself that change is constant. Let things slide that are not number one priority. Your priority during difficult times is to survive it with your sanity intact and to do this you need to make sure you are also taking care of yourself.

  3. We All Need Somebody to Lean On

    There are a few things that humans rely on in times of need, which will never change. Human connection is a major one of them. Keeping in touch with your loved ones is just as important in good times as they are in bad.

  4. Forgive

    If someone else is at fault for the bad situation you find yourself in, the natural response is to harbor anger or resentment towards that person.

    But what if instead, you forgave that person. You accepted what happened, but you no longer held it against them. You would feel better, because now instead of focusing on the negative feelings you have toward that person, you can focus on moving forward.

  5. Find Release

    All of your thoughts create energy in your body, whether you feel it or not, and it needs to be released. Learning how to manage everything on your plate, but also when to shut everything out is very important,

    At the end of all of these tips and tricks, there isn’t much that can overcome the fear of the unknown. No matter how much I calm myself down, prepare, and tell myself everything will be fine, I still feel uneasy, and I’m learning to accept that. Life is full of experiences. There is no possible way for you to be ready for everything.